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Palm Tree is a leading after-school activity centre that offers a daily service to children aged 4-16 years old. Our mission is to provide a high quality childcare service catering for children in a homely environment.

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Palm Tree is a leading performing arts setting, offering a daily service to children aged 4-16 years. Our mission is to provide high quality childcare with a holistic program for children and young people in a family centred environment.

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How does the registration process work at Palm Tree?

The registration process works as follows:

Parents/carers begin by arranging an informal interview with a senior member of staff at Palm Tree head offices. If both parties are happy for the child to attend the academy then the parents/carers would be invited to register their child. A copy of our registration form can be found below:

Palm Tree Academy Registration Form

During registration a contract is signed and a deposit of two weeks fees is taken. The child would then have a settling-in period, during which time senior staff would remain in close contact with parents/carers in order to update them on their child’s progress. At the end of the settling-in period there is another consultation to decide whether or not to continue the arrangements set out in the contract. If either party feels that the academy would not be a suitable environment for the child then the contract is terminated and the child is withdrawn from our service.

At Palm Tree we aim to combine flexibility and convenience with a service that is tailored to the child’s needs and interests. Some children may attend the academy one day per week for a dance workshop while others will attend the breakfast and after school club every day. It all depends on the wants and needs of parents/carers and their children.

Children who are registered with Palm Tree are expected to remain with the academy for a minimum of three months, providing the settling-in period is a success. We do not permit shorter stays as we strongly believe that the academy offers children a much more worthwhile and memorable experience when they are given time to settle in, get to know staff, and take full advantage of our fantastic performing arts curriculum.

We accept payment by BACS, standing order or direct debit. All fees are paid in advance and can be paid on a weekly, monthly or termly basis. We also accept childcare vouchers, with Edenred being the name of the scheme we belong to.

The academy requires two weeks fees as deposit. Parents/carers will be expected to pay at least one week’s fees in advance on top of the deposit. When a child finishes their time at the academy, the deposit will be used to pay for their last two weeks of sessions.

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Child Application Form

Please click this link fto our Application Form for Child Registration (PDF)